Precious Metal Analysis

Genalysis Intertek has the expertise and knowledge to assist the precious metals exploration companies searching for gold and platinum group elements, helping to develop new mines and replace depleted reserves.

Genalysis Intertek understands the processes and in-depth analytical requirements involved in grassroots exploration to resource estimation and is aware of the issues facing explorers when analysing for precious metals including:

  • Issues of particulate precious metals when the precious metal forms a major component of a trace mineral, nuggets and clusters.
  • The important requirement to separate streams of low and high grade precious metal samples
  • The requirement of customers to obtain cost effective “fit for purpose” assays.
  • Issues of refractory gold and gold amenable to metallurgical processes.

A diverse range of techniques are available ranging from sub ppb detection limits in grassroots exploration to accurate resource estimation and grade control.

For gold determinations lead collection fire assay remains the classic method of choice however aqua regia digest, accelerated cyanide leach or BLEG are alternatives for specific purposes. Some platinum group elements can be picked up from these methods along with gold however platinum group elements are best determined by nickel sulphide collection fire assay.


Precious Metals Analytical Services include:

  • Fire Assay, Pb and NiS Collection
  • Screen Fire Assay
  • Aqua Regia Digest
  • Cyanide Leach