Management and Key Contact Profiles

The Genalysis Intertek Management and technical staff are happy to help you with any enquiries regarding your sample preparation and analysis requirements. Please refer to our Contact Us page for key contact details.

John Fowler - Vice President Minerals, Asia Pacific and Africa

John Fowler joined what is now the Intertek Group of companies in March 1985 as Senior Chemist having previously worked as a Consulting Chemist for TJ Sprott and Associates in Auckland. John has worked for Intertek in a number of technical and management roles in Australia, Asia, Africa and North America before relocating the regional minerals office to Genalysis and moving to Perth at the beginning of 2008. As Regional Director – Minerals, John is responsible for the Management of Intertek’s Minerals businesses in Asia, Australia, South Pacific and Africa.

John Flynn - Director of Business Development


John joined Genalysis in 1986 as Laboratory Manager after gaining 18 years of extensive industry experience. From 1998 John has been instrumental in the success of Genalysis servicing Africa and in 2004 had his role revised to focus entirely on business development internationally. John is currently responsible for the Group’s operations in Southern Africa, West Africa and Madagascar.  John is an Associate of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and a member of the Geological Society of Australia.

 Ben O'Keefe - Production Manager

Ben joined Genalysis in 1995 and has gained experience in a variety of roles. Ben spent two years in laboratory areas, seven years in Sample/Data Control before moving into a Client Liaison role. This was created to provide all clients an efficient response in regard to the arrival of their results. Ben became Production Manager in September 2008 (as well as retaining the Client Liaison role) to oversee all work delivered to the preps through the labs and then invoiced to client.

Don Boyle - Business Development Manager- Southern Australia

Don has over 20 years minerals industry management experience in both mine site and commercial laboratories.  He has held a number of overseas positions with Intertek Minerals Services and major mining companies in Africa and Asia.  In 2010, Don relocated from Intertek’s overseas operations to take up a position of Business Development Manager Southern Australia based out of Adelaide.

Greg Baschiera - Adelaide Operations Manager

Greg has over 22 years service with Genalysis, working in our Perth and Kalgoorlie sample preparation facility before setting up and then managing the Adelaide dedicated Low Level operation. In June 2001, a separate building was erected on site which became the dedicated High level section , giving us a separate dedicated building for both Low and High Level samples.

Tony Morgan - Regional Manager- East Coast Australia and Pacific

Tony joined Genalysis in 2009 as Regional Manager East Coast Australia and Pacific and is located in Queensland. Tony will lead our team of Laboratory Managers in our existing and new laboratories and is responsible for business development and operational performance of minerals laboratories throughout the East Coast and Pacific regions (excluding PNG).

Tony Belhamine - Kalgoorlie Manager

Tony has over 20 years of industry experience, in the Kalgoorlie region, primarily in sample preparation. He joined the staff of Genalysis Kalgoorlie 1987, and was promoted to Manager in 1993. The Kalgoorlie Sample Preparation Facility has dedicated Low and High Level sections.

Tyrone Cowland - Regional Manager - Southern Africa

Tyrone has been employed by Genalysis since 1997 and has progressed through sample preparation and IT in Australia prior relocating to South Africa to manage the Johannesburg facility.  Tyrone has developed Johannesburg from a sample preparation facility through to the inclusion of an analytical laboratory.  Tyrone's role has now expanded to Regional Manager - Southern Africa where he oversees a sample preparation facility in Madagascar and is looking at further development in the region. Tyrone is a member of the Geological Society of South Africa.

Ann Evers - Chief Chemist


Ann holds a first class Honours degree in Chemistry.  Prior to joining Genalysis in 1988 she gained extensive experience in mineral processing chemistry (particularly Platinum Group Metals), the analysis of soils and waters and in classical analytical techniques applied to mineral samples.  Anne spent four years at the University of Witwatersrand developing selective complexing agents for Base Metals. Anne's R & D experience is being applied to the development and refinement of new geochemical and environmental methods. Ann is a NATA signatory and a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Richard Holdsworth - QA/QC Chemist

B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc., M.B.A.

Richard joined Genalysis in 2006 after 12 years at Anglo Research, and with over 20 years industry experience having worked as a geologist, a geochemist and analytical chemist. His diverse experience includes geochemical mapping, petrology, sampling techniques, spectroscopy using XRF and HR-ICPMS, statistical analysis, reference material production, sample flow processes, quality issues and the application of geochemical data. Richard holds an honors degree in Geochemistry from the University of Cape Town and a Masters Degree in Geology from the University of the Witwatersrand. He completed his MBA (with Distinction) in 2006 at Heriot Watt University, Scotland. Richard’s efforts are currently focused on quality issues in the laboratory with emphasis on the evaluation of geochemical data.


Ed Dronseika - Geochemist


Ed joined Genalysis in 1998 to expand the company's services in specialised geochemistry and to support industry interest in new exploration geochemical techniques. He has extensive practical experience in mining, exploration and research geology in both Africa and Australia. For five years he researched partial digest geochemistry on behalf of Aberfoyle Resources and developed several successful techniques as routine tools for the detection of buried mineralisation. His broad geological background enables him to communicate and relate partial digest techniques with other non-geochemical styles of exploration. He has assisted in the development of a suite of terrain specific, industry accepted partial digest procedures (Terra Leach™ digests) which are proprietary to Genalysis. Ed graduated from RMIT in 1974 with a Fellowship Diploma of Geology. He is a Member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists and a Member of the Association of Exploration Geochemists.