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Through its in-depth interactions with global clients in a diverse set of industries, Intertek is able to capture real-world experience and best practices in an ever-expanding White Paper library.


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Bioanalytical Quantitative Determination Of Pegylated Species In Human Plasma By NMR
Epoxy Cure by Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Polymer rheology testing case study: Supporting formulation & product development
Essential Steps to Take to Achieve Successful Stability Studies
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for On- and Off-Electric Grid Applications
U.S. and Canadian Requirements for Windows and Doors
Evaluation of Toothbrush Performance
Elemental Impurities Guide to Risk Assessment Testing
BS 1363: 2016 Overview of the new standards
Fitness-for-Service Evaluation of the Off-Gas Scrubber Chemical Plant
Fitness-for-Service Creep Life Evaluation of a Hot Reheat Piping System at 400,000 Operating Hours
Data Center Root Cause Investigation and Implementing a Solution to Prevent Recurrence of Failure
Global Food Contact Compliance
The Effect of Magnification Loupes on Index Scores and Reproducibility
Global Meat Trade - Negating Risk through Assurance Services
Gas Appliance Regulations: Guidance for Implementation of GAR vs. GAD
Applications of Raman Spectroscopy: Support for REACH Registration of Gases
Food Contact Compliance and Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS)
Oral Care Product In Vitro Stain Removal Testing Models
IECEx Non-Electrical: Regulatory Guide to Non-Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Locations
The EU Biocides Product Regulation 528-2012
Trace Analytical Methods and Techniques for Testing Extractables and Leachables
ASTM E84: Comment to Industry
IoT Product Design
Extractables and Leachables Testing: An Introduction and Strategies in Current Practice
Patent Litigation and Product Liability: The Benefits of Partnering with a CRO
Be Prepared for the REACH 2018 Deadline
Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies: Compliance to ANSI/UL 2200 & ANSI/ULC 2200